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Posted on 2005.05.22 at 02:54
Current Music: private eye
I really really miss livejournal, and everyone I used to talk to from livejournal. Don't forget about me guys! I'm aliveeee

Posted on 2005.04.22 at 12:54
Current Music: tlc
I find it really depressing that it's Earth Day, and I don't think I've heard one single thing about it. Remember in elementary school when every Earth Day you would go outside and pick up trash and color pictures of the earth and talk about recycling and saving things? High school's bullshit for taking away things like that. I'm still bummed about not getting to color pictures of groundhogs on groundhog day and I truly believe that my child-hood was completely shattered this year when I found out that if the groundhog sees his shadow that you've got only six weeks left of winter. But then, if he doesn't see his shadow, then there's six weeks until spring. IT'S THE SAME THING, AND I NEVER KNEW IT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SHITTY AND LIKE TO USE WORDS TO CONFUSE SMALL CHILDREN INTO BEING EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING

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oh ironman

Posted on 2005.04.09 at 02:53
toolymouse: have you seen the tote bag?
lieyourface off: no!
toolymouse: it's about a retarded boy who carries around a bag with a rotten banana in it and he thinks it's a sword that can destroy all evil and one day his imagination becomes so strong that he is able to lift a bus off of an old woman using the banana and he is loved by the world for all eternity.
lieyourface off: awesome possum
toolymouse: hahahahaha, awesome possum
toolymouse: hahahahah fuck
toolymouse: i made it up for you.

Posted on 2005.03.27 at 22:57
Current Music: the cardigans
sitting in front of the computer screen is so counterproductive, i fucking love it. but i hate linoleum, and whoever the fuck decided it was a good idea to carve fucking anything into it.

what's more is i am really hypocritical about dancing games, really.

this post has no point.

p.s. so i was browsing xanga(yes, yes i know i have no life) and i come across a blogring named "lets cuddle until the breakdown, then lets dance"

3 words for this: WHAT THE FUCK

Posted on 2005.03.21 at 20:29
I finally found Chips Challenge. I couldn't be any happier, I swear.

grr, spicy

Posted on 2005.03.07 at 19:31
my life is filled with drunken gay boys and almost failing grades. i don't think i could be happier, except maybe just a little more kisses please? you're cute.

Posted on 2005.03.06 at 13:29
My birthday is on the day of the dead

Tell me something I don't know about you

balls on face

Posted on 2005.02.27 at 22:21
"Of all things, men do not like to feel that they are guilty of wrong, and if you make them feel guilt, they will try desperately to justify it on any ground; but, failing that, and seeing no immediate solution that will set things right without too much cost to their lives and property, they will kill that which evoked in them the condemning sense of guilt. And this is true of all men, whether they be white or black; it is a peculiar and powerful, but common, need."

that's amore

Posted on 2005.02.19 at 10:47
everytime i type in gmail, i feel like the g should stand for gangsta


Posted on 2005.02.14 at 20:35
Current Music: this charming man
no complaints, but i miss our weekends.

who all got kisses and love this valentines day?
i got the flu! 4.5 days makes me happy, and wanting a big break.

so rob, how you doin'?

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