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Posted on 2007.07.22 at 02:58
You know me inside and out...and I think that maybe you were what I needed all along.   Thank you for letting me have a chance to clear my head and convince myself that it's been too long to still love you.

Should I give this another go?

Posted on 2007.05.14 at 10:34
I think I should, I've done a lot of growing up!

Posted on 2006.01.21 at 21:33
this time i really am back.

Posted on 2005.09.22 at 19:24
Why do I always fuck up everything around me? Can't I get something right and make up my mind?

I wish I could say I still felt the same, but I can't lose that comfortability.

Posted on 2005.09.06 at 15:43


Posted on 2005.08.04 at 12:51
This might be too much for me to handle.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

Posted on 2005.07.02 at 02:25

tummy pains

Posted on 2005.06.30 at 19:24
I seriously love you, but I hate that you've made me completely sappy.

I need to start thinking of things other than romance for a few days.

Posted on 2005.06.10 at 10:03
my hair is hot pink

Posted on 2005.06.02 at 09:27
two more days but i can't tell, not at all.
feels just like every other day has, except a little less cold in this giant room.

i miss you livejournal, come home to me, whatever that means.

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